last day

OK! My last day is finally (already?) here. It’s bittersweet. I spend most of the day doing random things, helping Stephi prepare for the Summer Academy, re-reading my Occupy presentation notes, editing a document Denise had written in English, and troubleshooting (the Scribus program I’d downloaded to create a map was not behaving right). The … Continue reading


winding down

This week I’m mainly focusing on my final task which is a presentation during our last Phänomen Wohlstand salon. The program will be about the Occupy movement. I’m creating a Prezi for my speech which is pretty fun – I’ve always liked Prezis. And I’m a little nervous as I always am before giving presentations … Continue reading

da kooks! kind of

Stephi and I have kind of been wanting to see The Kooks in concert since they’re performing at the River Elbe tonight. But tix are around 40, so not quite worth the money. Fortunately, it’s an outdoor concert so we decide to head to a nearby hill with a blanket and hope we can hear. … Continue reading



After arriving back in Dresden at 1:30 am on Saturday morning, I ran home to catch a small number of zzz’s before boarding a bus to Berlin a few hours later at 10 am. Paola and I were on the same bus so that was fun, we chatted until I could no longer keep my … Continue reading


In die Schweiz

WOW I just had the most wonderful road trip through Switzerland. What an amazingly beautiful country! Expensive, but lovely. I was lucky enough to be shown the lay of the land by a native, my friend Phil, whom I met while he was studying abroad in Minnesota. Just so that I can always refer back … Continue reading


back in 7

Alright guys, the time has come: I leave for Switzerland today!! I’m so stoked to road trip, hike, camp, laze around on the beach, and take plenty of photos for you of course! I’ll be gone today through Saturday morning, then I’ll jump right back on the train and head to Berlin to meet up … Continue reading

i’m in love with a german film star

This song was played at a recent Runde Ecke program and I instantly fell in love. It’s a The Passions cover but I prefer this version by Nadine & the Prussians!



Ok so next week I’m camping and hiking through Switzerland with a friend. I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks as it’s sure to be an amazing trip. BUT European vacations can never go off without a hitch for me. Like the time I spent my spring break traveling through Italy nursing a severe … Continue reading



Denise keeps assuring me that this weekend’s salon will be more fun for me because it’ll be a bit more interactive than the others. I have high hopes, but I’m not exactly excited about another 15 or so hours of pure German. But Denise is right. This salon is loads better for a number of … Continue reading



Stephi and I are both in a shopping kind of mood so after work we head to the Altmarkt Gallerie. On the way there we are surprised to find a helicopter sitting on a not-so-very-large area of grass. Just as I’m wondering what the heck the people inside it are doing (they’re just lounging around, … Continue reading